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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. i am deborah weiner. tonight, president obama is
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wrapping up his vacation and getting back to work to washington. job number one is getting health-care reform passed, but it may be more difficult now without senator ted kennedy. >> president obama is heading back to washington after a vacation in martha's vineyard. >> may he rest in eternal peace. >> president obama said farewell to a man he called his mentor. senator ted kennedy was also a critical ally in this all- important health-care fight. crowds of people gather to pay respects to the center at the kennedy grave site at arlington national cemetery. on capitol ill, lawmakers from both parties are trying to figure out what the loss of this legendary power broker might mean. his republican fred orrin hatch predicts it will be harder than ever to reach agreement -- and his republican friends.
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-- his republican friend. >> the vast amount of people out there in the public, and they do not want this. >> they have been struggling to reach a compromise. >> the democrats are trying to rush a bill through a process that will actually make our nation's finance sector without saving any money. >> the democrats have lost their filibuster-proof majority, but they do think they can pass a bill without republican help. senate majority leader harry reid says if they take a bipartisan bill, they cannot get a partisan one. brian mooar, wbal tv 11 news. >> it has been less than 24 hours since senator ted kennedy's burial, and his grave site is now open to the public. today, we also heard from
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senator kennedy's , kathleen kennedy townsend. on "meet the press" today, she thanked the world for the outpouring of support. she also spoke about how our uncle inspired her. >> it is extraordinary -- how proher uncle and spider. he said you can keep fighting. -- she also spoke about how her uncle inspired her. in the toughest times, always keep fighting, never giving up, and saying to each of us, "you can do it." >> she said it was difficult growing up without a father and credits her uncle was coming through and in praising her family. -- and praising her family.
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there was our sunday morning program on q&a. >> there is no one in the senate or house that is done more for human rights, civil rights, health and then senator ted kennedy. -- health than senator ted kennedy. if you look every year, there was a major bill dealing with us, having challenges in our community. senator kennedy was there. he was our champion. >> he also weighed in on the controversial rest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. -- the arrest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. the civil-rights leader called for better training for baltimore city policeman handling such a situation. -- baltimore city policemen
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and police such a situation. >> what a nice day today -- baltimore city policemen handling such a situation. here is what our satellite combination looks like right now. a little shower activity moves off of the beach, still around the cape hatteras area, and that is where the front has doubled in. some very pleasant air. it looks like it will be with us into next weekend. that is a long run of nuys, autumn-like weather. we will talk about the insta- weather plus forecast -- that looks like a long run of nice weather . -- nice weather. >> the person that was struck early friday morning has died. he was riding in colombia maryland.
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they said the man behind the wheel was under the influence of alcohol -- he was riding in columbia, maryland. he is now out of jail after posting $100,000 bail. tonight, police and baltimore are investigating two separate shooting incidents. -- police in baltimore are investigating. one was in northwest baltimore. the victim is now recovering at the hospital. meantime, investigators are also looking into a double shooting in north baltimore. police say a man and woman were shot around 11:00 last night. both were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. there is no word a suspect in either case today, parishioners returned to their church after a fire destroyed it -- no word on a suspect in either case today. parishioners returned to their
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church after a fire destroyed it. >> lightning struck it back in july, and a doctor here says it is really thanks to the strength and commitment of the community and congregation that made this all happen, and it was something that was sparked by the lightning strike. lightning struck the steeple. there was a two-alarm fire. the water used to created out actually created more of a problem, water damage that made the building be condemned -- the water used to put it out actually created more of a problem. this really brought to light the fact that this 100-year-old church needs more than just a news steeple. >> -- a new steeple. >> what the fire showed us is that we have a lot to do to restore the church. so we are starting a restoration
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fund. >> even though the congregation is back in the same place, things are not exactly the same. the used to have two services on sunday, and now they have only one. they will continue to do that until the end of the year. reporting live, melissa carlson, wbal tv 11 news. >> accusations against a former israeli minister. and major damage to a baltimore county home after this tree collapses. but first, police in georgia make an arrest after more than half a dozen people were found murdered inside a trailer park. find out why the search for suspects is not over. >> the front has moved through, and more pleasant air has moved in.
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>> the attorney minister of israel has said that ehud olmert has been arrested on corruption charges. he has been charged with taking illegal business payments from a man tied to fundraising. he is also charged with double billing charities during fund- raising trips. they say the wrongdoing was occurring while he was mayor of jerusalem. he has denied the charges. police have made an arrest in the georgia trailer park murders, but they are not calling in the suspect. there was a family member to call the 911 and reported the homicides. he is now being held on charges including obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence, but he is not being charged with the murders and assaults.
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police are still searching for suspects in this case. >> it would be a fair assumption in this point that there is somebody out there that we are looking for. we just do not know who that person is. >> two of the people found in the mobile home are still in critical condition. autopsies on the deceased victims are expected later this evening. and malinois is prompted people to investigate. what they discovered and the massive damage it left behind. -- and a loud noise prompted people to investigate. >> weatherwise, there is still something spinning over the great lakes. what that is doing is bringing better air in for us. right now, sunny skies over the area, and it is 80 at the airport, 81 downtown. the key thing is
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>> this is from a house in
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reisterstown. fire officials say a tree collapsed on it. building inspectors say the damage is so expensive, they may be forced to condemn the home. the family was inside at the time but luckily escaped without injury. they would only describe the tree as old and cannot explain why it collapsed. in california, a dense cloud of smoke covers ballet as wildfires continue to rage. there are four major fires -- covers the l.a. as wildfires continued to rage -- covers l.a. and least 6600 families have evacuated already. -- at least 6600 families have evacuate. >> we are in the process on the back of that -- it was not as much at of a heatwave as it was
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a humidity way. -- it was not as much of a heat wave. maybe some sprinkles coming out of the mountains. a few sprinkles up in pennsylvania, a little thunder shower activity around cape hatteras, and that is it. let's take a look at what happened during the day today. 82 of the airport, 84 at the inner harbor, morning lows in the 70's, and there was some leftover rain from last evening. that was all before daybreak. the typical high is 83. the big thing is the humidity. temperatures around 80 now. just a little cooler out there. would those dew point temperatures, it is human. -- with those dew point temperatures, it is humid. 52 in frederick, 49 in hagerstown.
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there is that drier air filtering in. that translates into a comparable. here is a satellite picture. a few clouds down to the west. if there is a sprinkle out of that, we are lucky. cape hatteras, right now. the weather system is a little complex. it has been tough to push this out. the really humid stuff is out over the atlantic ocean. the will keep to the weekend forecast and head is forcing the fallout -- the real key to the week's forecast ahead is forcing this out. there is a possibility late tomorrow or on wednesday that they could pick up a shower. it is not enough to disrupt the whole week, but when you get into central and northern maryland, i do not think it will be much of an issue. this cool could be translated
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into comfortable, as well. there is another storm developing that may develop into a depression or a tropical storm. it is out there in the atlantic. it would be called "erika" if it gets strong enough to get a name. this could provide some rain down in the southwest of the u.s. to kind of quell those fires a bit. clear skies overnight for us. low to mid 70's tomorrow. a few scattered shouts. north to northeast winds at 5 to 10 m.p.h. -- a few scattered clouds. fair weather up around the baltimore area, and then we stay fair going into the middle of the week, so the insta-weather plus five-day forecast is a good one. low humidity. morning lows in the 50's. that is almost chilly.
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then, low to mid 80's, and we really do not have any rain drops, and that is a good thing, and especially for the holiday weekend. >> joe flacco was looking good. >> you saw what you wanted to from joe. it was an accurate night. he made some big plays. he made some big plays. we will a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!! ♪ whistling bluegrass tune
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>> well, the die-hards have looked for years at the orioles to see if the end of misery nears. do they get better late in the season? he has been very good. top of the 1. cabrera looking at that changeup. top three, a similar. yes, -- top three, similar.
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bottoms 3, felix. -- bottoms 3. -- bottom 3. same inning in the third. luke scott gets back into the gap. a 4-0 lead. top four, mtattis goes after this pitch -- matis. therefore, it becomes all four -- mattis goes after the pitch. then jim johnson. he goes one, two, three, four and the orioles. five-to the final. >> usd strike-out i had today, and i think it was balanced -- you look at the strike-out i had
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today. -- the strikeouts i had today. >> he looks like he is 15. the ravens, meanwhile, continue their romp through the preseason. however, in trying to measure the progress of joe flacco, one cannot help but get a little giddy. sharing the wealth of passes with a bunch of ravens. they keep swearing they have weapons in the passing game, and last night, they were correct. shown as a threat here. it proves a great release vale. -- valve. right there. six passes on the night for him.
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then, we go back to the way back machine, and it is like it is 2004. the quarterback wendell right back to him and was rewarded. the numbers for joe, incredible -- the quarterback went right back to him. it left them a little bit in auguswe. >> i think that joe flacco went into a bit of a groove. all of the guys making plays. >> he was making great decisions with the ball, you know? i think i did a good job. >> the ravens wrap-up with preseasons thursday, and then get ready for the kansas city chiefs' opening the regular season. at least, that was the game plan before the chiefs had a setback.
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there was a problem, along with the leg. quickly, he realized it was worse than he thought. he left the game and did not return. they are not sure of the extent of the injury. please stay with us. 11 news continues, r hearts happy... ...and big hearts happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet... ...those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. (cheerios spilling)
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cheerios. how can something so little... you do something so big. >> and low humidity. >> perfect. thanks for joining us.
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>> this is a wbal tv 11 editorial by president and ceo of jordon wertlieb. >> it is that time of year, and more than 1 million students are heading back to school. state school officials are looking to continue to improve the state's top right public school system. there is no question that that is the key to helping us emerge from the economic downturn, and we need better prepare students to meet the needs of the global economy. we will face the challenges and more as they provide -- prepare for everything from the swine
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flu to preparing for the tests for graduation. as usual, it would take the efforts of teachers, parents, extended family, neighbors, and friends to make this school year is successful and productive one for all of our students. it is better for our future and our economy than any stimulus plan ever imagined.
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